PresSpray Modules : A bracketed Module
Consists of a PresSpray Ejector and a group of components pre-assembled on a bracket in a single, compact module. For convenience, the PresSpray attaches to a Bracket that includes an Air Filter/ Regulator/ Oiler and a two or four port Manifold (the MicroSpray does not have a Manifold). This greatly reduces installation time and cost. The Bracketed Module takes most of the work out of installation. The user has only to decide how to interface this system with the Spray Nozzles, Reservoir or PowerPump and what type of Actuator to use.
PresSpray Controller : E-300 Electronic Controller
The Ultimate PresSpray Controller, offers four individual controls in one electronic package, a Time Delay, a Pulsator, a Counter and a Memory function. For those presses that need unlimited controllability in their
lubricating options.
Time Delay:
Determines how long a delay will transpire before the PresSpray will acuate after if receives its signal, from the controller.
Signals the PresSpray to actuate on any cycle of the press from one to ninety nine.
Gives the PresSpray one or multiple actuations on the cycle of the press.
Allows the controller to memorize all of the settings on a given setup and assigns it a number so that it can be recalled the next time the same setup is run.