Laser Micro
Is it really that simple? Yes, it is ! Within five minutes you will have achieved your first laser welds with the Performance. Select the proper parameter via joystick, bring the workpiece into position, focus, and let's get started! After a very short training period you will be able to produce the finest welding spots, with diameters of below 100 μm up to 2.5 mm, seam welds or deposit filler metal. All this is possible with the flexible beam control and the unique resonator concept of this laser which allows pulse frequencies of up to 20 Hz, pulse durations of up to 50 ms and pulse energies up to 100 J.

Enjoy the Comfort
Most focused tasks such as laser precision welding require high levels of concentration. We have tailored the Performance to maximize ergonomics and enhance user comfort, with a relaxed seating position, an arm position at the correct height, a spacious work area and clearly legible displays. Apart from changing the particle filter, water filter, lamp and the protection gas cylinder there is no maintenance. Wheels make the laser very mobile, it is air-cooled and requires only 230 V power.