Ultra-precision Mold Padding Welder

High Specification model surpassing laser welding

Ultra precision mode
By selecting the (FINE mode) this welder
makes it possible to weld even a fine core
pin (diameter 0.2), which was too small for
an ordinary welder.

Weld Navigation
Appropriate current and welding time will
automatically be set and displayed by
setting the welding target area, welding
material, and size.

Data memory mode
With the SAVE mode, data for welding
conditions fixed by an operator can be
stored and read out again the next time.

Continuous TIG mode
When a large area will be welded, the
Continuous TIG mode provides smoother
welding more quickly than laser welding.
(Interval time: 0.1 sec ~ 2.0 sec)

Lead Arc
By emitting a minute arc (2A) to the
welding target point in advance, the target
portion can be welded precisely.